Some or all of the following including other information may be required to process your aircraft financing request. Documents must be sent to us in .pdf format with no more than 10MB per email transmission

Section A

Aircraft Information

● Where will the aircraft be based? (City, Airport Name, Address of Hanger)

● Where will the aircraft be flown? (Typical Routes)

● How will the aircraft be used? (Corporate, pleasure, private business, charter, etc.)

● Where will the aircraft be registered?

● Expected annual hourly usage?

● Aircraft annual operating budget?

● Aircraft purchase price?

● Please provide copy of Purchase Agreement

● Please provide copy of aircraft's Spec sheet

Section B

Financing Structure

● Loan, finance lease or tax-oriented lease structure?

● How much or percent of the acquisition cost do you want to finance?

● Who is the Borrower / Lessee?

(Please provide complete address and all contact information.)

● Guarantor? (Please provide all contact information)

● Requested term of the loan/lease?

● Loan amortization desired?

● Desired closing date?

Section C

Borrower / Lessee / Guarantor Information

● For International transactions audited financial statements are required for past 3 years. Audited statements are not necessarily required for domestic transactions but must provide Federal income tax returns with accompanying financials.

● Interim financial statements for current year

● Articles of incorporation

● Ownership description (structure and shareholders)

● Personal financial statement for the guarantors

● Personal Tax Returns on guarantor(s) for past 3 years

● Brief company history

● Bank and Major trade creditor references

● Copy of Pilot license

● Copy of your Airline Operating Certificate

● Copy of Owner’s resume

● Completed and signed Authorization to Release Information form

● Copies of any signed contracts or letters of intent to carry passengers or freight that you are relying on to justify the acquisition of this additional aircraft

● 5 years revenue and expense pro forma plan for the additional aircraft

● List of your current fleet with detail information indicating if each aircraft is leased in or financed with detail about term remaining of lease or financing and current estimated market value of each airplane

NOTE: Information in addition to the above may be required.